Dj Nut AV8 Records


One Freak One Love (DJ Nut Megamix)
DJ Nut remixes David Guetta feat. Fatman Scoop and Estelle!

Smack My Freak Up (Dj Nut Mash Up)
Estelle vs Prodigy! It’s Crazy MashUp!

Dj Nut – I Can Transform CoCo Jambo
Remixing the classic! Mr. President CoCo Jambo is back!

Dj Nut – Tom’s Diner Zip
Special Made Zip file for Music Lovers, contains 2 remixes:
Dj Nut – Tom’s Diner 2007
Dj Nut – Tom’s Diner 2010 (Transition 79 – 107)

Dj Nut feat Dj Billy – Motherland Party Break
Must Have PartyBreak!

Dj Nut – Now You See It (Pitbull Party Blend)
Pitbull Blend feat Fatman Scoop! Fire Remix!

Chuckie – Let The Bass Kick (Dirty Dancehall Dj Nut Remix)
Dancehall version of Chuckie – Let the Bass Kick Hit! Watch Out! Extremely Dirty!

Stand Up New York DJ Nut Party Break Vol.1
Get Ready for the Fire PartyBreak!!! Get Your Hands Up! “Stand Up New York” partybreaks series in Here!

Stand Up New York DJ Nut Party Break Vol.2
Party Burner!!! Just don’t stop! “Stand Up NewYork” partybreaks series.

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